Fast, Accurate, Flexible...three words that define our company. At Event Express Pro (EEPro), that definition is our obsession.

Many events are forced to run their event manually because they are too small to afford big business solutions. Manual operations are prone to errors and many times cause the event to run late. Smaller events face universal issues: lack of budget, volunteer time constraints and lack of technically savvy staff. If small events were ever to automate their operation, a new approach was needed.

That's exactly why EEPro was born.

In forming the company, we obsessed with one question: "What would a company look like that was solely devoted to helping events make the most of automation and technology?"

Of course, it starts with reliable, top-quality software and services. But we also realize it goes far beyond that. In order to overcome those issues, EEPro has to be Fast, Accurate, & Flexible in everything it does. That means surprising affordability, streamlined and intuitive processes, and a relationship-oriented approach to everyone we come in contact with.

Today, thanks to that commitment and to our close-knit employee family, EEPro stands as one of the fastest-growing providers of turn-key registration and scoring solutions for any size event. With our professionally-designed suite of event management applications, EEPro offers everything an organization needs to effectively run its business on the Internet and on-site.

Yes, even after a brief glimpse into EEPro, you can tell we're a little different. And as the ever-growing list of organizations that put their trust in EEPro tells us, thank goodness for that.
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